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Corporate history

The company was founded in 1998 by Hungarian private individuals. The company, which was acquired by foreigners in the meantime, was bought by six private individuals in 2015.

Initially, it produced road and railroad unloading stations, pipelines and tanks. This was followed by the design and manufacture of automotive inspection and production devices, and the manufacture of complete production cells, and from 2016 the production of cut aluminum profiles, as an automotive supplier.

Automotive component manufacturing takes place in Tamási.

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Our objectives

Our goal is to produce perfect quality products using cutting edge metalworking technology.

In addition to supplementing our products with our partner-specific services, we wish to strengthen our position as a useful member of the automotive supply chain.

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Things that are important to us

metalPRO is committed to sustainable development, sponsoring and supporting local social initiatives.

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Grants and subsidies


Beneficiary’s name: metalPRO HUNGARY Kft.
Project title: Procurement of capital equipment at metalPRO HUNGARY
Amount of contracted grant: HUF 213,944,909

Funding rate: 50% of eligible costs
Project completion date: 14.12.2017
Project ID: GINOP-1.2.1- 15-2015- 00818

Presentation of project content: The direct objective of the project is to develop/expand the production capacity of metalPRO HUNGARY Kft. The project aims to meet specific customer needs. The products to be manufactured are machine-cut aluminum connection parts, which are designed to resolve the fixing of the cooling/heating water pipes used in the automotive industry. For the production of machine-cut products, CNC milling machines and special counter-spindle precision CNC turning machines are required to be procured. In the framework of the project, the construction of a new production hall will also be carried out in order to properly place the new equipment.


Beneficiary’s name: metalPRO HUNGARY Kft.
Project title: Technological development at metalPRO HUNGARY Kft.
Amount of contracted grant: HUF 30,783,030

Funding rate: 60% of eligible costs
Project completion date: 15.11.2017
Project ID: GINOP-1.2.2- 15-2015- 02055

Presentation of project content: The project involves the acquisition of CNC milling machines for the manufacturing of automotive parts, as well as the purchase of forklifts and IT devices. With the development, new capacity will be created at MetalPRO HUNGARY Kft., which will ensure the additional growth of sales revenues and added value, and it will indirectly contribute to maintaining the number of employees currently employed.


Beneficiary’s name: metalPRO HUNGARY Kft.
Project title: Capacity extension investment of metalPRO HUNGARY Kft.
Amount of contracted grant: HUF 110,277,000

Funding rate: 50% of eligible costs
Project completion date: 31.08.2019
Project ID: GINOP-1.2.1-16-2017-00861

Presentation of project content:  The aim of the project is to expand the existing production capacity of metalPRO HUNGARY Kft. The project includes the purchase of metalworking tools and other servicing equipment.

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We share our successThose who have already chosen us

Our references Our suppliers

Our suppliers

M+E Szerszámgép Kft.
Thyssen Krupp
Szerszám Technika
BLM Group
ROTHER Metal Kft.

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We offer qualityMachine pool & services

CNC machining Cutting Contract abrasion Contract measurement

CNC machining

Thanks to our decades of experience, our dedicated staff, development-inspiring partners and state-of-the-art machinery, we provide the perfect quality for all our customers at competitive prices.

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Even the simplest tasks become complex if the execution requires infinite precision. Only high-tech operated by highly trained professionals can guarantee the quality of our work.

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Contract abrasion

We offer optimal solutions for the trowalizing of workpieces. With our high-performance WALTHER TROWAL circular centrifugal and circular vibrator system, we provide various surface treatment services such as polishing, rounding and burring.

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Contract measurement

In our laboratory, we provide fast and reliable measurement services with the help of the most up-to-date, high-quality measuring technology tools and with the involvement of our well-qualified, experienced and regularly trained staff.

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Company registration number: 01-09-296089

Tax number: 11604574-2-41

Phone: +36 30 16 15 065

Fax: +36 1 430 0853

Mail: info@metalpro.hu

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H-7090 Tamási, Belterület utca 2150/3 hrsz.

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H-1031 Budapest, Záhony utca 7. (Graphisoft Park)